Anna Prudhomme is an art writer and photographer based between Paris and London. Born in the bustling French capital and partially raised in Barcelona, she studied sociology and politics before graduating from the Journalism Masters at Goldsmiths, University of London. Anna writes mostly about the expansive realm of art and its diverse forms of expression, as well as conducting interviews with the creatives who nurture it. Her journalistic focus encompasses the visual arts, music, literature, fashion, performances, cinema, feminism, and the human stories that intertwine within these domains. She is a contributor to Technikart, Numéro, Lampoon, Speciwomen, Purple and Interlope.

Vous les Entendez? [Do You Hear Them?]: Laura Lamiel’s Solo Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo —

To the visitor's eyes then appear at Dans les plis, [In the Folds], a metal sculpture stretching seven meters long. Looking like a library with shelves, the piece is packed with 300 kg of compressed fabrics adorned with the inscription Rien n’est à faire, tout est à défaire [Nothing to be done, everything to be undone]. “It's a bit of a heavy-handed metaphor, but you could say that women have always been constrained, and that linen is part of that constraint too. [...] This condition is indeed t

Benoît Coquil « La vérité avant tout »

, un roman entre fiction et réalité… qui

Légende photo : LA STAR DES CHAMPIS_ Le t-shirt de Benoît rend hommage à Maria Sabina, la chamane du champignon magique au Mexique.

Tes débuts ?

Benoît Coquil : Petit, j’avais plein de carnets et j’adorais les exercices scolaires. J’avais l’intuition que j’allais poursuivre dans l’écriture.

Le pitch de Petites choses ?

Juste avant le Covid, je suis parti en vacances au Mexique avec des amis. Dans un stand du marché à Oaxaca, à côté des tee-shirts de

In the spiral circus of Parisian social scene with Lukas Ionesco

Spiral Circus is a five-track EP that bears the influence of the 60s Beach Boys – Beatles sounding – «my music is like a rusty cranked merry-go-round» recounts Lukas Ionesco

Actor and singer-songwriter, the twenty-eight-year-old was revealed for his role in Larry Clark’s The Smell of Us, starred in the feature film Une Jeunesse Dorée before venturing into the music scene and performing in London, New York and Paris. Singing about love and despair, the French prodigy has just released his third

Pol Taburet in the mind’s abyss – stages of trauma and occultism

Silent dramaturgies mix the symbolism of European painting with American rap, contemporary subcultures, and Afro-Creole quimbois. Pol Taburet at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris

In painter Pol Taburet’s stormy opera, distressing faces meet primary color, animals encounter dental grills, and fairy fantasies end up becoming living nightmares. At twenty-six years old, Taburet is the strange bird of France’s painting scene.

After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure D’Art, the young man

Samuel De Saboia – the nomadic artistic practice between material and spiritual

At the art residency Numeroventi in Florence, the Brazilian artist Samuel De Saboia talks about his artistic practice that explores sexuality, migration, and displacement

Samuel De Saboia at the art residency Numeroventi in Florence

Samuel de Saboia became well known for his large-scale mixed-media paintings addressing existential dichotomies such as life and death, pain and pleasure, and virtue and vice. The artist’s paintings relay fragments of his personal narrative as he explores themes in

On Dreams, Artificial Intelligence, and Photographic Responsibility — Public Offerings Ltd.

Anna Prudhomme: Hi Gil, could you begin by talking about yourself and how you got introduced to photography? Gil Anselmi: Ok so what can I say…I'm a Taurus and Tauruses don't give up much. I’m a pretty stubborn person, when I have an idea in my head, it's usually very difficult to get me to change it. But at the same time, that's what made me lucky in life, in the sense that I know what I want and I put all my energy into getting it. I entered Les Gobelins [Photography school] at the age of 17,

Haitian heritage and discarded toys jewelry — Botter 2024 show in Paris

During Paris Fashion Week, Caribbean couture Botter introduced a new 3D printed slippers, made discarded toys jewelry, and crafted knitwear out of up-cycled Scooby Doo yarns

Founded by Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy in 2020, Botter is a joyful mix of hybrid Caribbean culture, Dutch tailoring and strong sustainability consciousness. For the creative duo who met doing their masters’ collection at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts — which won the Dries Van Noten Award and the Ann Demeulemeester Awards,

Coralie Nyango, créatrice inspirée « Tout toute seule ! »

À seulement 23 ans, la designer Coralie Nyango est à la tête de la Galerie Emprise, un one-women project où elle milite avec des pièces uniques.

Tu t’es fait remarquer avec ta cagoule puffy conçue pour protéger des ondes d’Instagram, et tu viens de sortir le t-shirt « Reminder IG is not real life ». Tu es en croisade anti-Insta ?

Coralie Nyango : Quand même pas ! Je voulais avoir une sorte de slogan qui marque les esprits, et s’agrippe… un peu comme les notifications d’Instagram. En écrivant c

In conversation with Jayden Elijah: «I was a quiet kid, well that’s what my mom says»

Currently seen starring in Oscar-nominated filmmaker Dee Rees newest TV show, Saint X, Jayden Elijah, opens up to Lampoon digital edition

Growing up on set: From musical theater to TV shows

Currently starring in Hulu’s television adaptation of Saint X — based on Alexis Schaitkin’s novel — Jayden Elijah is an up-and-coming British actor. Born and raised in East London, twenty-two-year-old Elijah had always been destined to act. He started when he was six years old and got a part in The Lion Kin

Where Documentary Meets Fashion Photography: A Conversation with Jeanne Lucas —

Anna Prudhomme: To start Jeanne, how did you get introduced to photography? Jeanne Lucas: I started photography at the age of thirteen in the town where I grew up near La Rochelle [France]. I used to borrow clothes from stores and organise mini photoshoots with my friends when I wasn't at school. Later on, I began volunteering as a photographer at the town's concert hall and caught the attention of some artists, who asked me to shoot for them. I also got spotted by a troupe of magicians, who inv

Tearing down love from its pedestal — introducing Ryder The Eagle

In conversation with French singer Ryder The Eagle, for the release of his newest album Megachurch: Tearing down love from its pedestal while keeping faith in life and music

Singing about lost and found love, Ryder the Eagle is a French singer and songwriter who just released a second album about his new faith and old devotion. Today, this tough guy with a tender heart is getting on board with the band Oracle Sister to tour in Europe and will follow across the US the singer León Larregui to pro

Entre mélancolie et chaos : 070 Shake, une anomalie musicale

vec sa voix rauque, mais aérienne, ses instru’ mélancoliques, quasi-robotiques et son style de dure à cuire, 070 Shake est la chanteuse et rappeuse américaine dont on ne se passe plus. Petite anomalie musicale coincée entre le rap et le R&B, elle est partout. En feat sur la dernière release de Christine and the Queen, ou sur Escapism, le hit de RAYE qui lui vaudra une place au Billboard US, on la retrouve le samedi 3 juin au festival We Love Green au côté des Versaillais de Phœnix, de la rappeus

La Relève

Découverts en marge des dernières Fashion Week, ces créatrices et créateurs nous dévoilent leur pièce fétiche de la saison. Références à noter !


Ayant fait ses armes chez Chanel puis Lanvin, Solène Lescouët, 28 ans, lance sa marque éponyme en 2020. Et fait rimer couture et « no future »… Pour la vidéo de présentation de ta dernière collection, The Tales of Solène, tu as choisi le thème de la danse. Pourquoi ?

Solène Lescouët : J’ai voulu m’inspirer d’un film bri

In between New York and the French Alps - to Be Magazine

In between New York and the French Alps, in a place where femininity encountered sportiness, designer Sandy Liang met outdoor heritage brand Salomon over a beautiful footwear capsule. The two brands were initially introduced during New York’s fashion week, as Sandy Liang styled Salomons on her Spring/Summer 2021 collection runway. After a collaboration with skateboarding brand Vans in winter 2022, the avant-garde womenswear brand launched this spring two pairs of Salomon resulting from a splendi

British curator Ben Broome: «Performances have the power to disrupt gallery spaces»

Art curator Ben Broome, interviewed by Lampoon, discusses his pathway to exhibition making, his passion for performances and unanswered questions

Ben Broome is a London-based curator whose work supports promising young artists and challenges the stereotype of exhibition making. Aiming his shows at wide audiences, programming live performances in his exhibition spaces, Broome is a self-taught curator who almost fell in it by chance, but there is no doubt was made for it. For the past six years,

The exhibition Miriam Cahn: Ma pensée Sérielle - purple ART

The exhibition Miriam Cahn: Ma pensée Sérielle is on view from the 17th of January until the 14th of May at Palais de Tokyo, 13 Av du Président Wilson, 75116, Paris.

“An exhibition is a work in itself and I see it as a performance,” says Swiss artist Miriam Cahn. In a beautiful maelstrom of colors and movements, more than two hundred works are presented at the Palais de Tokyo first retrospective of Cahn’s work in a French institution. Spanning from the 80s through the present day, her paintings

In Paris, the Gallery Perrotin hosts artist Bernar Venet and painter Susumu Kamijo

Parisian Gallery Perrotin and bookstore, with the same name, has locations in New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai, displaying world class art and merchandise

In Paris, the French Gallery Perrotin — also located in New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai — organized a breakfast for the opening of two new solo shows in presence of the artists. Japanese painter Susumu Kamijo introduced The Sun Inside, — a colorful tribute to canines— while French pioneer of conceptual art Bernar

In Conversation With Chiron Duong — Public Offerings Ltd.

Anna Prudhomme: Hi Chiron, you first studied architecture, but how did you get introduced to photography? Chiron Duong: That's right, I studied landscape architecture at university. As I was stressed during my second year, I found in photography a way to have motivation and centre myself. So in 2017, I began as an amateur and by 2019 I had already started a professional path. The first real project I worked on was the fashion students at my university graduation collections. I then shot many oth

The LVMH’s foundation pays homage to Basquiat and Warhol collaborations in Paris

Under Foundation Louis Vuitton’s spotlight: A collaboration between Basquiat and Warhol, two of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century

The Foundation Louis Vuitton: an epicenter of culture

Inaugurated in October 2014 by the LVMH group, the Foundation Louis Vuitton is one of Paris’s most notable art dedicated buildings. Located in the bois de Boulogne, next to the Jardin d’Acclimatation on the west side of Paris, it is committed to make culture accessible to all, by staging exhibitions

Fast fashion is out of fashion – is capitalism eventually going to collapse?

«Most people don’t realize that the capitalist model we’re living in is a construct, it’s a man-made system» Dr. Hakan Karaosman and Professor Donna Marshall

The European Commission has stated that fast fashion is out of fashion. France announced that by the end of next year, every item of clothing sold within its borders should have a climate impact label, while Norway and Germany both introduced due diligence acts.

The EU Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation introduced a digital pr
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