Anna Prudhomme is an art writer and photographer based in Paris.

Born in the bustling French capital and partially raised in Barcelona, she studied sociology and politics before graduating from the Journalism Masters at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Anna writes mostly about the expansive realm of art and its diverse forms of expression, as well as conducting interviews with the creatives who nurture it. Her journalistic focus encompasses the visual arts, music, literature, fashion, performances, cinema, feminism, and the human stories that intertwine within these domains. 

She is a contributor to Numéro, Lampoon, Technikart, C41, To Be, CAP74024, Speciwomen, The Steidz, Purple and Interlope.

Ariana Papademetropoulos: Earth, fantasy and mystery

Is the water coming out or going in? This is the mystery of movement that allows paintings to remain alive. Ariana Papademetropoulos on Earth, fantasy and surrealism with Lampoon for it SS24 issue

Ariana Papademetropoulos: the bubble serves as a metaphor for a form of protection

While other kids had board games, I had an Ouija board and talked with spirits. I’ve always had a pull towards occult sciences. My belief in other realms has been ingrained in me since childhood, shaping part of my ide

C41 Presents ‘Foresteria’: A Design Oasis In Milan —

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, the international creative production company and magazine C41 unveils in partnership with IDNTT ‘Foresteria’—a cutting-edge and design-led accommodation for modern travellers in Milan. Situated at 21 Via Vincenzo Monti within the headquarters of the international IDNTT group, this 40-square-metre enclave, crafted in collaboration with leading Italian design brands, embodies the quintessence of contemporary Milanese style. ‘Foresteria’, stands as a dist

Ghost, pastel and tear drops : A discussion with French artist Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon —

Since she was a teenager, Eloïse Labarbe-Lafon liked painting with pastel colours over black-and-white analog clichés. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of moments from her life, the vibrant personalities in her creative circle, and even her facial features, Eloïse dedicates weeks to meticulously crafting her ethereal images entirely by hand. Passionate about cinema archives as much as ghost stories, Labarbe-Lafon is one of those with a profoundly playful soul. In a recent exploration of

Elizabeth Lennard: Painted Columns and Imaginary New York —

Anna Prudhomme: How did it first come to your mind to paint your photographs?

Elizabeth Lennard: When I was in my late teens I attended the San Francisco Art Institute in California. It was very much the purist school of black and white photography where you studied Ansel Adams, the zone system, etc … Which I was slightly rebelling against - but as it was an art school, so I wasn't the only one who started to sort of “attack” black and white photographs.

I was very fortunate to have had Tony Ra

French artist Angèle Metzger: exploring identity through multifaceted artistic journey

Awarded the prize for best actress for her interpretation of an intersex character in the series About Sasha, Angèle Metzger made her first ceramic show in Paris, presenting daggers with sleeping faces

French actress and ceramic artist Angèle Metzger, defies easy categorization. On the rise, the young woman discusses how her journey has consistently woven together theoretical reflection and creative practice. After dedicating several years in learning and philosophizing about gender’s fluidity

The cultural humor of Josh Landau aka Stolen Nova: a Californian skate rat

From skating the empty swimming pools of Beverly Hills to his psych-punk solo project Stolen Nova traveling back to London. Josh Landau’s cultural humor in Domino Leaha’s analog photography

As singer Josh Landau aka Stolen Nova opens his computer to join the Zoom call for his interview with Lampoon. He is seated in his family home in Los Angeles, having just returned from a three-week stay in a city he holds dear: London. During his time there, he played at a Halloween party organized by the co

Schiaparelli’s New Artistic Collaboration : Venus Inspired Bronze Furniture – CAP 74024 Magazine

The Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli has always loved working with artists. She invited the likes of Jean Cocteau, Alberto Giacometti, Salvador Dalí, Christian Bérard and many others to create exclusive motifs and designs for her collections. Bringing their universe to the surrealist and enchanting world of the eponymous house, she launched in Paris in the 30s, she maintained close relationships to arts and design. She also imagined various collections of objects halfway between art an

Beneath Thibaut Grevet's Blurry Lines - to Be Magazine

Thibaut Grevet’s vision extends beyond his subjects. The French photographer and filmmaker is concerned with the formal components of image-making: the interplay of forms, colours and lines to create the illusion of movement. Recollecting his early motocross memories in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Grevet captures fleeting moments with unwavering precision.

I have vivid memories of my mum reading fashion magazines while in the bath. As a young girl who hadn’t yet learned to read, I used to

How Unreal We Are. SIRA cultural hub in Paris slams human fragility in viewer’s face

In the cultural hub SIRA in Paris, the nomadic curatorial project Shivers Only uses video art and analog photography to carve out human fragility and depict How Unreal We Are

A somewhat low-quality analog photograph of a cave entrance. Michael Gira and a carved room: the birth of a group show

«Right from the start, this exhibition area instantly brought to mind the Gira’s Drain Land album cover, which featured a somewhat low-quality analog photograph of a cave entrance», explains Marot before

Sir Sir Sir: A Conversation with Giovanni De Mojana —

In December 2022, something magical happened in Morocco. The country was enveloped in a dreamy haze, a state of hopeful waiting and joy, that seemed to permeate every corner of the nation. The Moroccan soccer team had made history: the “Atlas Lions” were the first African team to reach the semifinals in the World Cup. Their consecutive victories against Spain first, then Portugal, propelled the Moroccan team to the heart of the soccer world. But it wasn’t just about football–it was about somethi



The theme for this issue, , delves into the unfiltered aspects of life. It’s an appreciation and exploration of raw beauty, where authenticity reigns supreme; the unconventional is not just accepted but celebrated.

There’s often an urge to meticulously polish everything to a high gloss and relentlessly pursue the sheen of perfection. All our contributors remind us that beauty is often found in the genuine and unapologetic. It is the revelation of a person’s character.

Vito Schnabel: «Don't talk about things you want to do – do them»

The American dealer Vito Schnabel about his perspectives on curation ethics, NFTs and his reflection on the matters of diversity and representation within the gallery system

To succeed in the ever-evolving art world is a high-wire performance. Most will assume it requires a flair for artistic tendencies combined with a sense of business. The type a poker player could have. But this is far from what Vito Scnhnabel, the American thirty-six-year-old art dealer would say. With a commitment to pushi

Interlope | KDPRESSE

Le premier numéro d’INTERLOPE met à l’honneur la pluralité éditoriale dont le magazine se revendique : 240 pages, une trentaine de sujets. On y retrouve notamment des portraits de designers et d’artistes (Nicolas Di Felice, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Gaspar Noé…), de musiciens (HYD, Yeule, Bernardino Femminielli…), aussi bien qu’un dossier de nouvelles inédites par plusieurs écrivains s’articulant autour du vice (Oscar Coop-phane, Simon Johannin, Matthieu Peck…). Entre deux séries consacrées aux

Paris Photo 2023: A 's reading —

With its 149 galleries participating, Paris Photo is the foremost worldwide showcase dedicated to the art of photography. Located at the Grand Palais Éphémère, near the Eiffel Tower, this 26th edition presented the work of more than 800 artists. Here are C41’s picks.

Presented by the German gallery Julian Sander, the series Sueños by artist Grete Stern is a collection of photomontages that explore dreams and the subconscious mind. The series was originally published in the Argentinian women’s m

Pourquoi les Tiktokeurs trustent les défilés ?

Cette saison, la Fashion Week de New York a certainement été l’une des plus ratée que l’on n’ait jamais vue. Bien que rarement glorieuse, elle a été marquée par un nombre de faux pas embarrassants. Samedi, une Tiktokeuse connue uniquement pour être le sosie d’Ariana Grande, peinait à faire un aller-retour sur le runway, lundi un mec vêtu d’un rideau de douche en plastique tapait l’incruste avant d’être expulsé par la sécurité, tandis que mercredi, un humoriste portant des ailes d’ange a simulé u

Roses and hunter: Farshad Farzankia honors the strength of women from Iran

«I experienced pain in my family and my close relationships, people going to jail and not coming back. I was born into this chaos of uncertainty» – Farshad Farzankia on politics and movement in Iran

Farshad Farzankia living under the Islamic regime in Iran

Farzankia spent the ten first years of his life in Iran, living under the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Islamic regime that was set after the revolution of 1979. «I experienced pain in my family and my close relationships, people going to jail

Hannah Black’s “Politics” (2022) and “Broken Windows” (2022) — Speciwomen

« A clean riot is not one in which little rioters long-stomped, long-straddled, BEANLESS but knowing no Why

go steal in hell

a radio, sit to hear James Brown

and Mingus, Young-Holt, Coleman, John,

on V.O.N.

and sun themselves in Sin.

However, what

is going on

is going on. »

Written by the American poet Gwendolyn Brooks in 1968 after the Chicago riots that followed the murder of Martin Luther King Jr, these words have found a contemporary context as cited by New York activists Aaina Lak

Godasse, va !

Que ce soit sur les runway de la fashion week, aux pieds des athlètes, ou pour protéger les soldats ukrainiens des mines russes, les chaussures en impressions 3D sont aujourd’hui un des tournants technologiques les plus prometteurs. Apparu à la fin des années 1970, ce processus n’est intégré à l’industrie de la chaussure qu’en 2015 par Adidas, pour ses fameuses semelles de running Futurecraft, utilisant des données de performance. Rapidement, Reebok, Nike, Puma ou New Balance adoptent l’impressi

From Travelling Communities to Parisian Cabarets: Maxwell Aurelien James —

Anna Prudhomme: Hi Maxwell, could you begin by telling me about how you first got into photography? Maxwell Aurélien: It all began quite unexpectedly, around twelve years ago, after I left the high-end watchmaking scene and decided to let go of the pursuit of material and social success. I can remember nights when sleep eluded me; and restlessness pushed me to venture out into the dark. Living in Cannes [on the French Rivera] at the time, I got the idea to snap some photos at clubs and evening e

In Conversation: Agnes Questionmark —

AP: And you are working on making it waterproof?

AQ: There’s a lab in California called Project Ceti which is not only able to perceive and translate whales’ languages, but they are trying to develop an AI that will talk back to them. Those artefacts and technologies will allow me, I believe, to enter into an interspecies trajectory. But for now, I will explore this activity outside the water because of expenses. To make it waterproof, I would need to collaborate with other institutions. That’s

Vous les Entendez? [Do You Hear Them?]: Laura Lamiel’s Solo Exhibition at Palais de Tokyo —

To the visitor's eyes then appear at Dans les plis, [In the Folds], a metal sculpture stretching seven meters long. Looking like a library with shelves, the piece is packed with 300 kg of compressed fabrics adorned with the inscription Rien n’est à faire, tout est à défaire [Nothing to be done, everything to be undone]. “It's a bit of a heavy-handed metaphor, but you could say that women have always been constrained, and that linen is part of that constraint too. [...] This condition is indeed t


Ils sont demain. Issus de l’art, du design, de la mode et de l’édition, ces talents au langage visuel bien aiguisé mènent une réflexion autour d’une société qui évolue, détourne et rassemble. Certains questionnent, d’autres exposent une réponse aux mutations contemporaines. The Steidz les met en lumière à travers ses pages, dévoilant l’hybridation des frontières créatives et géographiques ; s’ouvrant à la transition d’un art alternatif et global.

They represent our tomorrow. From art and design
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